Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Calm Down - wikiHow


Salam Jumaat...

This morning i watched MHI and the host have discussed about how to manage our anger.. and one of the method is by having a deep breath for a couple of minutes. Yeahh, by the way..i have to agreee with them since at the end of the day, the way we control our breathing will affect how our brain reacts... (assignment to all reader..try to relate the calm breathing with solat ^^, )

In Islam, they are several ways to control the anger. If i'm not of the ways is take wudhu'. This is because that anger was actually caused by the Syaitan (made of fire), hence...water is a very good medium to against the flaming of 'that fire = anger'. I did try it before and as usually, it worked effectively.

Below is an article i quoted from wikihow ( Let's be a good khalifiah with a very good skill in anger management..Wassalam.

How to Calm Down - wikiHow

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  1. wah patutla tak pernah marah kitorang mase ajar biomekanik dulu..hee.. :P