Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NewVenture-PhD2: Research Proposal for Oxford University


Baiklah, sekarang ni saya dalam proses permohonan memasuki University of Oxford. IAllah,saya cuba dulu. Segala ketentuanNya kuterima dengan hati yang terbuka. Alhamdulillah, sepanjang proses application, urusan aku dipermudahkan, sungguh.

Pertama, bersyukur sangat kerana memiliki supervisor serta senior2 yang sangat suka membantu. Research proposal saya telah melepasi tiga peringkat semakan. Pertama, my mentor in English, Nazmin. Kedua, my beloved supervisor Dr Rafiq...dan yang ketiga pengarah unit bahasa inggeris utm, Dr Abidah. Alhamdulillah...byk doa yang disertakan. Semoga dimakbulkan doa-doa kami.Ameen.

Kedua, tak tahu kenapa...sejak dua menjak ni..ramai yang belanja saya makan. Allahuakbar, jauh di sudut hati...sangat-sangat bersyukur. Allah mmg maha penyayang, macam tahu2 sahaja saya sekarang nie agak 'kering'. Terima kasih Allah..

My end words, best of luck to all. Sama2 kita buat yg terbaik ya. Wassalam..

M.Eng (Biomechanics)
B.Eng (Biomedical Engineering)

 f/n: bawah ini adalah hasil terakhir proposal tersebut. ^^,

1. How your background relates to the CDT?
            My previous studies (both at the bachelor and master levels) and research experience have equipped me with biomedical engineering theories and extensive experience in bio-computational simulation and analysis. In my endeavour to be an outstanding doctorate scholar, I strongly believe that these theories and experiences need to be further strengthened and consolidated via extensive exposure to the real practical clinical world. I believe the Centre of Doctorate Training in Healthcare Innovation has the essence to transform my aspiration into reality as the centre is furnished with the facilities and environment that would enable candidates to efficiently and effectively conduct novel research. Direct and continuous interaction between biomedical engineers and clinicians are crucial to ensure the relevancy of research, thus promoting proper and direct benefits to the society.

In my point of view, the programme offered at CDT is outstanding as it covers both theoretical and clinical experience with exposure in relevant industries. These multi-disciplinary elements of teaching and training will greatly benefit students in their quest to become distinguished researchers, while simultaneously empower their marketability in industries and in the global arena as a whole.

2. Research themes

In brief, my research interest lies in the area of biomechanics and mechanobiology of human joints. The theme of my research was chosen based on not only my strong personal interest, ability, exposure and experience, but also on the direct benefits that the outcome has on the society. Joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, for example, are still a common skeletal disorder with treatments mostly concentrating on pain relief rather than the root of the cause. Whilst the disease can affect any human joint, the most common joint that has been reported in clinical literature is the wrist. Many of my published works are related to the simulation of the wrist joint and now I am very keen to further explore the pathomechanics and mechanobiology of the disease. I hope that my research could shed some light onto and improve the current treatments in the struggle against this common skeletal disorder. During my 2-year research on the wrist I realised that there were many issues still unsolved, in particular with the real biological reaction as a result of the disease as well as the outcomes from the various treatment performed. Thus, I have found that it is crucial to have sufficient and focused experimental investigations to further strengthen the understanding of the pathomechanics of the disease to enhance the possibility of having better and more effective treatments.

3. Why you wish to apply for the course?

I am impressed with the programme offered by the centre which combines the elements of clinical and industrial relevance in research. This is by far the most comprehensive approach for a doctorate student in the field of biomedical engineering. Hospital placement and industrial attachment are elements that make this programme unique and tremendously beneficial to postgraduate students. Last but not least, Oxford itself is an outstanding and renowned institution of research and higher education where I believe I can contribute and help it achieve even greater heights.


  1. As-salam...

    Waaa...i'm, it's either imperial or Oxford?..Semoga pjalanan pmohonan utk PhD ni dipermudahkan...sesungguhnya DIA Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik utk setiap hambaNYA..wish u all the best my dear friend..ameen..=)

  2. As salam....

    sorry mahani baru prasan your comment. Alhamdulillah, 2 months after, dah dpt dh result.even it was informal, it is still a good sign. Syukur x terkata. Terima kasih sgt dkt korang2 yg sgt supportive. Do'a orang baik2 mcm korang iALLAH mudah dimakbulkan. All the best to you to Dr Mahani! =)